frequently asked questions

I want to get a piece of jewellery made, how does the process work?
Great! After an initial no obligation chat over a coffee and once I have a clear idea of what you want, we work towards a final design through sketches and samples of work. Once we are satisfied with design, a timeframe and budget is decided upon and we can start on the piece.
How long does the process take?
Depending on the piece, between two and five weeks.
How should I care for my Jewellery?
Quality jewellery, if looked after properly will last for generations.If possible pieces should be stored separately when not being worn, as they can be scratched and damaged if left in contact with each other. If rings are worn everyday, they are susceptible to wear from other jewellery, and everyday items like keys, cutlery and sand. Avoid storing porous gem materials, (pearls, opals etc) with cosmetics.

It is a good idea to get gem-set rings checked and cleaned every year by a reliable experienced jeweller, to ensure gemstones are secure. An old soft toothbrush, warm to hot water and washing up liquid is an effective DIY method to clean your jewellery, dry afterwards with a clean cotton cloth.

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